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"Highsman" Brand from Ricky Williams

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Once investigated by sports intellectuals and fans the same for utilizing weed, Ricky Williams, is switching things up with Highsman — his new marijuana way of life brand line of actually arranged items.

Made to enable proficient and ordinary competitors just as sports aficionados the same, Highsman offers premium quality pot just as an assortment of clothing and extras intended to praise a functioning way of life on and off the field.

"It is time we change the manner in which we talk about pot," says Williams. "Highsman is about an appreciation for significance. There is an enthusiastic and committed group behind the brand, and together we need to assist all with peopling rouse significance in themselves."

At first presented as pre-bundled eighths, three cultivars have been organized by Williams to commend minutes in the day. Pre-Game is a sativa for a stimulated lift; Half-Time is a mixture for centered mindfulness; and the Post-Game Indica offers a casual mind-set. A line of pre-rolls is at present being developed.

Williams brings a profound information on spices, sports and wellbeing to the brand. He concentrated on the starting points of pot in the lower regions of the Himalayas and went through years finding out with regards to the recuperating properties of the plant. He acknowledges smoking pot as a method of beating the difficulties related with being an expert competitor, from social uneasiness to actual wounds.

"Highsman is at the crossing point of sports and pot and was made for fans and fans of both." says Eric Hammond, CEO. "A long time really taking shape, Highsman dispatches at a tipping point where sports and marijuana impact, and we are eager to keep on breaking limits between the two."

A supporting assortment of sports-roused streetwear varsity coats and baseball tees and should have smoking accessories — moving plate, pelican cases, water bottles — are likewise accessible. that praises the Highsman way of life.


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