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New Seed-To-Sale System in Jersey

New Jersey can before long screen the stockpile of legitimate pot "from seed to deal" after the state's Cannabis Regulatory Commission casted a ballot Friday to introduce another statewide stock administration global positioning framework.

The global positioning framework, needed by the state law, is expected to ensure New Jersey's new cannabis market will meet rules on everything from selling and developing weed to ensuring there is sufficient stockpile and that it is alright for customers.

"The framework would permit controllers to guarantee administrative consistence, help with exact revealing of deals information, forestall deal to underage buyers, and forestall corruption of lawful marijuana substances with destructive substances," Executive Director Jeff Brown said.

The commission casted a ballot 5-0 to support a six-year, $390,000 contract with Metrc — which represents Marijuana Enforcement, Tracking, Reporting and Compliance — to follow New Jersey's early pot industry.


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